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    Lost & Found items

    Since I had the Lost & Found items out, I took some pictures.  If you recognize anything, it's in the shed behind the baby pool in a bin.

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    This week's schedule

    Just to be sure it's clear, this week looks like:

    July 1:  Normal practice times.  SIGN-UP for PRELIMS DUE!  Check Lost & Found.

    July 2:  Normal practice times.  

    July 3:  Normal practice times.  Stroke & Turn for 9-12 in the PM.

    July 4

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    Thank you!!!

    Thank you everyone!

    Once again you have far exceeded our expectations for stepping up and volunteering. A very special shout out to those parents who worked double and triple shifts, and the ones who stepped in a shift change without being asked to fill in while volunteers were located to…

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    Meet Program & Info for TOMORROW'S MEET

    Hey Dolphin Families! 

    Ready for our second Home Meet and LAST dual meet? You’ve done this before so the basic info should be pretty much the same but please read through it.

    Set-Up Tonight: It has been a crazy, busy, stressful week so we will not be doing a…

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    June 29th Meet and Prelims

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    We are so impressed and thankful that you’re on top of volunteering! As of the writing of this email only four positions are left to be filled for Saturday:

    Shift 2 Stroke and Turn- 2

    Shift 2 Scoring - 1

    After Meet pool cleanup - 1


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    4th of July parade

    Hello DWD Families,

    As you may or may not know the 4th of July is a BIG deal in the Dam West! Although it a neighborhood event, ALL members and families on the Dolphins are invited! (You don’t need to live here). This year’s theme is “your favorite holiday”, to…

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    Good evening Dolphin families,

    A big thank you to all the volunteers who made today’s meet a huge success. All your hard work, dedication and flexibility is truly appreciated! We wouldn’t be able to do this without all your help.

    As you already know, next week is a home meet…

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    Results posted

    Just kidding. It’s working. They are on the sandwich board by the baby pool.
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    Results not posting

    Just FYI, they are having printer issues so results will not be printed. 
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    Parents Relay!

    Oh!  I forgot to mention that Foxridge wants to do a Parents Relay!  It will be a 100 freestyle relay for parents (or grandparents, relatives, whoever).  If you're interested, please let Coach Emilie know:  [email protected]



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