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Relay Policy

The Dolphins relay policy rewards swimmers with the opportunity to swim in additional races. Relay races for swimmers 7-18 years old will be assigned based on the coach's discretion. There are a number of factors, aside from the fastest times, that go into building a relay such as consistency, hard work, and chemistry. We also try to give every swimmer the opportunity to swim in a relay.

Although the Dolphins Swim Team is a fun summer team, we strive to balance competing at the highest level while allowing swimmers to fully experience swim team.  We hope to enhance the swimmers' enjoyment and give them a good experience that will encourage them to work hard to achieve relay status.

Relays are special - swimming on a relay is a privilege and not a right. There are limited spots available on the relays. If you've selected that your child is available to stay for a relay and then leave, you are now taking a relay experience away from 3 other swimmers. Swimmers that miss relays due to arriving late to a meet or leaving early may forfeit their opportunity to be selected in future relays.

Swimmers must arrive in time to participate in warm-ups. Swimmers that do not make it in time for warm-ups will be scratched from the relay teams. We have to check in swimmers and verify relay teams prior to the start of the meet. When a swimmer isn't here in time for team check-in's then the relay has to be re-seeded on deck and in the computer or scratched for legality purposes.

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