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Social Distancing

Hey parents!  If you were wondering what social distancing might have looked like this year, it probably would have looked something like this:

  • Swimmers arrive 15 minutes early for practice.
  • After leaving their respective cars, athletes walk in separately, 10 feet apart.
  • Parents stay in their cars, and do not enter the pool gate. Athletes only.
  • Athletes arrive at the pool prepared to swim. No locker-rooms, showering or deck changing. Athletes are to wear their suit to the pool.
  • Athletes enter the pool deck at the swim school end, depart at the dive pool end.
  • Athletes immediately report to their assigned lanes and put their belongings at the end of the lane near the fence.
  • One swimmer per lane. Swimmers must stay and swim in the center of the lane (six feet apart)
  • Locker rooms will remain locked. If swimmers use the swim school toilets they must clean it thoroughly following use.
  • Depart the practice immediately before the next group arrives.
  • Athletes cannot loiter in the parking lot.
  • Parents must be ready to pick athletes up as soon as practice finishes.
  • Athletes must exit ten feet apart.
  • Swimmers that do not follow these rules will be removed from the group.

These guidelines came from HERE.  

We know that everyone is disappointed not to have a season at all but social distancing definitely would have taken much of the fun out of a summer league.  There would not have been any meets unless we could have figured out how to do virtual ones but even those would have been small groups at a time. Most likely we would not have had them at all.  

We hope to see you all back next year for a fantastic 2021 season!

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Website: This Dolphins website will always have the most up-to-date information and should always be recognized as the primary source for all things Dolphins related. Meets, Heat Sheets, team events, meet info, documents, updates and news can all be found here.

e-Mail Communication: The email(s) that you list in your account information will only be utilized for communication regarding the swim team. Messages will usually only be sent out by the Parent Delegate, Volunteer Coordinator or Head Coach.

Facebook Group: Registered swimmers and parents are invited to join the "Dam West Dolphins" Group which is a closed group. Reminders and practice cancellations are reiterated in this group. In addition to reminders it's a nice way for swim members to communicate with each other, post pictures, etc.

Team Alerts/ Text Messages: Please sign up to receive text alerts announcing practice/meet cancellation due to bad weather. Share this information with your swimmers who have cell phones so they can stay informed as well.

Swimmer Folders: We use a file folder system to distribute ribbons and "Dolphin Dollars." * Each Monday and Tuesday after a swim meet there will be a gray file folder box with file folders sorted by the swimmer's last name. Members of the same family will all be put in the same folder. The box will be located on a table behind the starting blocks (or possibly on a table near the front gate) and will be available during swim practice hours. You are encouraged to check your child's folder regularly.

* "Dolphin Dollars" are awarded when your swimmer gets a new best time. They are worth 25 cents at the Home concession stand. (Dolphin Quarters isn't as much fun to say.)

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