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    Did you miss the Banquet?

    If you missed the banquet today we have a packet for your swimmer(s).  Instead of trying to get the lifeguards to get it for you I've decided to just keep them at my house for now.  You can contact me directly to pick it up.  (I can just leave it…

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    Banquet Details for Tomorrow!

    Congratulations Dolphins! Great job today! I am still waiting on results so I’m going to go ahead and move on to TOMORROW’s Team Potluck.

    TEAM BANQUET – SUNDAY, July 17 @ 11:00 am

    The timeframe will look something like this:

    11:00am – eat outside on the pool deck.

    12:00pm –…

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    Meet Program & Info for TOMORROW'S MEET

    OK, here we go! Our last meet!  Below is the information for the Championship Meet at the HILLS WEST pool.

    Location: 10458 E. Crestline Pl., Englewood, CO 80111

    The pool is located just inside the Hills at Cherry Creek West neighborhood, off of Havana St. You may enter the …

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    Practice is open to all!

    I realized this morning that I didn't specify that this final week of practice is open to ALL swimmers regardless if they are going to Championships or not.  So come get some final swimming in and join us on Friday for our last Fun / Doughnut Friday!

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    RESULTS from today & CHAMPIONSHIP Info

    Prelims are DONE! Great job to everyone that was there and THANK YOU to all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out today!

    SPAM/JUNK FOLDER: I had someone tell me that my emails suddenly went to their junk folder yesterday even though they’ve been reading them all (apparently, I’m…

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    RESULTS from Prelims - 7/11/22

    Alright Prelim Day 1 is done! Great job to everyone that was there and THANK YOU to all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out today!

    I am attaching the Meet Results and Individual Results. Congratulations to everyone that made it into the Top 16 of their events!! If…

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    Prelims 2 Info: 9-10 and 11-12 (7/12/22)

    Attached is the Meet Program and Individual Entry List for DAY 2, TUESDAY, 7/12/22.

    Based on the Meet Program it is showing an end time of 9:46am. Today's meet ran pretty close to on time so plan for it to end around that time, give or take a…

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    Prelims 1 Info: 8 & Under, 13-18

    Alrighty here we go! Since both Prelims will be at Castle Rock this year, the information below is going to be the same for both days.

    I am only attaching the Meet Program and Individual Entry List for DAY 1 (7/11/22).

    Based on the Meet Program it is showing an…

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    Results from Today!


    A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our volunteers! Thank you to everyone for stepping up, stepping in, setting up, cleaning up, working double shifts and doing all of it in excessive heat. It was truly, truly appreciated!


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    Relays for Saturday 7/9/22

    Hi Team!

    Looking forward to tomorrows home meet!  

    Attached is a "helper cheat sheet" for relays. This pertains to 8 and under and 9/10 relays only.  After the warm up and team cheer, swimmers will need to promptly find their coaches and gather with their medley relay teams.  Please use…

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