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    Good evening Dolphin families,

    A big thank you to all the volunteers who made today’s meet a huge success. All your hard work, dedication and flexibility is truly appreciated! We wouldn’t be able to do this without all your help.

    As you already know, next week is a home meet…

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    Results posted

    Just kidding. It’s working. They are on the sandwich board by the baby pool.
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    Results not posting

    Just FYI, they are having printer issues so results will not be printed. 
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    Parents Relay!

    Oh!  I forgot to mention that Foxridge wants to do a Parents Relay!  It will be a 100 freestyle relay for parents (or grandparents, relatives, whoever).  If you're interested, please let Coach Emilie know:  [email protected]



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    6/22 follow up volunteer email

    Good morning parents,

    Let me start by thanking everyone who has volunteered thus far. That being said, we are still in need of TWO 2nd shift positions, 1 Runner and 1 Back-Up Timer. As previously stated the 2nd shifts tend to go faster.

    In case you are wondering the Runner…

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    ​6/22 Fox Ridge volunteer open positions

    Good evening parents,

    As of this Thursday evening, we are still in need of SIX 2nd shift positions. (shift 2 usually goes faster for some reason.)

    They are:

    • 1 timer
    • 1 runner
    • 2 back up timers
    • 1 heating
    • 1 scribe

    As we mentioned at the beginning of the season, we…

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    Friday Practice for Teens- 5K Friday

    Hi Everyone,

    5K Friday- Teen Practice ONLY (6:30am)

    There has been a request to do 5K Friday tomorrow from the teens.  So, in lieu of practice tomorrow, the teens will meet at the clubhouse tomorrow morning at 6:30am to run/walk a 5K together.  Because of the rain tonight, the weather…

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    CANCELED DQ Clinic- June 20

    Hi Team! 

    Because of uncertain weather conditions, rain, and lighning, we are going to cancel tonights DQ Clinic. Please look out for an email regarding a make up day next week. Apologies for the change in plans.

    Coach Emilie

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    ​6/22 Meet

    Happy After Father’s Day, and Juneteenth!

    We have an away meet at Fox Ridge this Saturday. I will be your point of contact for volunteering as Jessica has a commitment at the Aurora Fox Theater that day and will not be at the meet. Toni and Emilie will also be…

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    Information for this week & Saturday

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    Just a few notes for tonight, tomorrow (Friday) and some basic info for the meet on Saturday.

    DQ CLINC: Tonight, June 20, 8:00-9:00pm. This is for any swimmer who DQ’d in the previous swim meets (especially the last one) and would like to work on technique.…

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