Meet Results for Prelims Day 2

    Prelims are DONE!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Rhonda Tisdall for running concessions BOTH days and to Laura Coupas, Gwen Eden, Daniel Lopez, Jessica Johnson and Evelyn Carino who stuck around to help me and Jaime and Emilie clean up afterwards.  And to David Johnson for stepping in as our Grill Master today!

    ALL-STARS: Congratulations to our newest All-Star! (For more information on what “All-Stars” are, check out the “All-Stars” page.)

    Viviana Lopez (10) – 100 Free

    I am attaching the Meet Results and Individual Results. On the Individual Entry List, the number in ( ) is where they placed. Congratulations to everyone that made it into the Top 16 of their events! If your swimmer is #17 or 18 they are an alternate and could be moved up if anyone drops out or doesn’t show up at Championships so please be on stand-by. We will have updates before the final Program goes out on Friday night but there are often swimmers that don’t show up the day of Championships as well.

    The Top 16 swimmers in each event go on to the Championships.

    • Swimmers 1 - 8 will swim in the “Medal Round”
    • Swimmers 9-16 will swim in the “Ribbon Round.”
    • Swimmers 17 and 18 are considered to be on Stand-by.

    Just a reminder about how the Medal and Ribbon rounds work: If your swimmer was #10 at Prelims they are in the Ribbon Round. So even if they swim the fastest time of everyone in their event at Championships, the best they will do is a 9th place ribbon. Likewise, if they are #2, they are swimming in the medal round. So even if they finish last at Championships, they will get an 8th place medal.

    CHAMPIONSHIPS: If your swimmer is in the Top 16 of their event, they can swim that event at Championships! Championships will be at the Hills West 8-lane pool. (We went there for our 2nd dual meet.) If you are trying to plan your day, please note that this is a LONG meet and will run until at least 1:30pm so plan accordingly.

    SCRATCHES FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS: Life happens and things change so, if you already know that your swimmer qualified but will not be at Championships, please let Coach Emilie know ASAP. There is NO “Sign-Up” for Championships. If your swimmer qualified we are assuming they WILL be there so we need to know if that’s not true. We want to notify the alternates know ASAP. Email [email protected].

    VOLUNTEERS FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS: If you know you are going to be there, please sign-up to volunteer.

    PRACTICE THIS WEEK: There will be the usual morning practices Wed-Fri. ALL are welcome, even if you’re not going to Championships!

    STROKE & TURN: There will be two different clinics for swimmers. Stroke and turn clinics are optional and take place after the pool closes at 8pm each week.

    • Wednesday, 7/9: regular clinic for ALL 7-10 year olds.
    • Thursday, 7/10: Teen stroke and turn clinic for swimmers 11-18 yrs of age.

    BANQUET: The Team Banquet Potluck sign-up is OPEN. Sunday, July 14th, 5:00pm – 7:00pm. If you could all please RSVP, “Attending” or “Not Attending” for the Banquet that would be helpful. Everyone is welcome! Even if you don’t go to Championships, we hope you can come to the Team Banquet! We start with a potluck, then watch a slideshow and then present some awards. We hope everyone can make it! Use the Sign-Up Calendar.

    MISSING TENT: We had a team tent go missing yesterday and wondering if anyone picked it up on accident. It is in a black case with wheels. Medium sized. It’s a Crown Shades brand.

    I think that’s all for now. See you at practice tomorrow!



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