Meet Program & Info for Prelims Day 2

    Alrighty, it’s time to wash, rinse and repeat!

    I know it’s a bit confusing, but doing well at Prelims is actually MORE important than Championships because it determines which heat your swimmer will be swimming in at Championships – medals or ribbons! So, make sure your swimmers are well rested and ready to go.

    TUESDAY – JULY 9, 2024

    9-12 PRELIMS

    Parking: We need to reserve 12 spots for Head Coaches and Parent Reps. I will get there as early as I can to put the Blue and Orange cones out but PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT if the cones are not out yet! Please find parking on the street or at Polton. If you can walk or carpool, please do!

    By street, Polton is on the other side of the neighborhood but it is not too far to walk through the greenbelt. (About 6 minutes.) Please be courteous to the neighbors and do not park by the entrance island. I am attaching maps of the walk from Polton as well as where the other walking paths go through the neighborhood depending on where you park.

    Arrive by:      6:00 am

    Warm-Ups:    6:20 am

    Meet Starts:   7:30 am

    Warm Ups:

    6:20 - 6:40     DAM WEST (Lanes 1-3)     HILLS WEST (Lanes 4-5)

    6:40 – 7:00    CANTER (Lanes 1-3),         FOX (Lanes 4-5)

    7:00 – 7:20    HOLLY PARK (Lanes 1-3)  CASTLE PINES (Lanes 4-5)

    Set Up Tonight: We left a LOT of things out so it should be a quick and easy set-up tonight. We will set-up at 7:00pm. (No potluck or pizza.)

    Dam West Seating Area: We encourage you to try and sit in the NW corner where we usually sit but please be aware that there are 5 other teams coming and it is open seating so do the best you can. There will be 3 Coaches tents in front of the lifeguards’ shed so please leave space for them!

    Come prepared with your swimmer's events on their arm and their last name on their back written in sharpie. They will be checking at the gate and you will need to get it done before entry.

    Volunteers: Thank you to everyone that signed up! We are all set for tomorrow! We will have stickers for you at a table in front of the gate. Please check in so we know you’ve arrived!  If you have any questions or problems, please contact Jessica or Evelyn at [email protected].

    Shift Change: The shift change will be after Event 44 – the end of backstroke. There will be an announcement for 2nd shift so listen for that.

    Information Meetings: All information meetings will be held at 7:10 am- please listen for announcements for exact locations and times in case they change. All meetings are for BOTH SHIFTS so regardless of your shift, please show up.

    • S&T meeting at the Lifeguard stand in the Officials Area.
    • ALL Timers (1st and 2nd shift) grassy area behind the officials
    • Heating meeting in the heating area (the baby pool area.)

    Concessions: There will be breakfast burritos, pop tarts and mini packs of donuts for breakfast choices. There will be hot dogs available for lunch as well as lots of drinks and snacks. Cash is easiest but we do have the means to accept a credit card. If your swimmer has Dolphin Dollars from this season or past seasons they can use them here.

    Watch and Listen for your swimmer's events. There are NO 8 & Under or 13-18 events and no breaks for Timers to switch sides so it’s going to go very quickly. Listen to the Announcer and watch the heating numbers carefully!

    Meet Programs: Attached are the Meet Program, Individual Entry List and List of the Combined Events. I recommend printing out a copy of the Meet Program, highlighting your swimmers and marking it up with the combinations so you can follow along and see where we are and what’s coming up next.

    A copy of the Meet Program will be posted on a giant white board hanging on the fence near our seating area. It will not be marked up with the combinations.

    We are currently showing an end time of 10:23 am, not including combos. We ran about 15 minutes ahead of schedule today so maybe a tad earlier but not much. We will want to keep it slow and steady to make sure everything runs properly.

    Theme: Dolphin BLUE!

    Championship T-shirt: Out of Breath Sports SHOULD be there selling Championship t-shirts. (They were not there today for some reason and haven’t heard back from them yet.) They are $20. They will be near concessions. They take CASH or CHECKS ONLY.

    Contact Coach Emilie ASAP if, for any reason, your swimmer cannot make the meet! [email protected] or (970) 376-5362. We need to know the scratches ASAP.

    Clean-Up: ANY help after the meet is GREATLY appreciated! Everything needs to be put away. It’s our last time cleaning up after a home meet so everything needs to go back to its place for the winter.

    Parking pylons – remove signs first! Then put ORANGE ones in the shed, under the shelf. Put these in FIRST. (BLUE pylons go in the basement.)

    Green chairs in the shed.

    Tents in the shed.

    Ropes go in the shed.

    Stanchions for the ropes go in the basement.

    Meet program boards & Results board go in the basement.

    Heating numbers go in the basement.

    All electronic equipment goes in the swim room.

    All concessions need to be put away.

    Trash needs to be picked up off the ground in all areas.

    Ladders back in the pool.

    Round tables (2 blue, 1 white) back where they belong.

    Scoring umbrella to the lifeguard shed. Stand goes in the basement.

    OK, that’s all for now. Be on the lookout for other emails in case I forgot anything. 

    See you tonight or tomorrow morning!



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