Prelims & Championship volunteers

    Hello families!

    We hope everyone had a great time on the 4th of July wherever you were. We also want to thank everyone who participated in the parade and let you know that we won best group float!

    Now it’s time for Prelims and Championships. The signup calendars are open for both prelim days, and Championships. As of Saturday morning we need:

    Monday: 1st and 2nd shift concessions

    and Sunday Night setup

    Tuesday:2nd shift Order of Finish

    Saturday: A lot but we know you’re waiting to see that your swimmer makes it!

    On that note, we also want to inform you that neither Evelyn nor I will be at the beginning of Tuesdays meet. Your Volunteer name tags will be with the Check in Volunteer when you check in your swimmer, so please grab your name tag when you arrive. You’ve done such an amazing job with volunteering this year that we know you’ve got this! We will be available if you need to text us, or ask Toni :)

    We also wanted to note that at the last home meet we didn’t do a potluck because it was right before the 4th and we as lead volunteers were super busy getting ready for the meet and pancake breakfast etc., but pizza was provided to the setup volunteers. I realize we didn’t communicate that and wanted to share, also if there is a parent that would like to take on Friday night potluck planning you’re more than welcome to help with that in the future.

    Since we are hosting both prelims, we won’t be doing a potluck this weekend either. We want to set up quickly and get everyone home quickly in order to have families prepare for the following two busy days.

    As always if you have any questions please let us know.

    Evelyn and Jessica

    Volunteer Coordinators

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