6/22 follow up volunteer email

    Good morning parents,

    Let me start by thanking everyone who has volunteered thus far. That being said, we are still in need of TWO 2nd shift positions, 1 Runner and 1 Back-Up Timer. As previously stated the 2nd shifts tend to go faster.

    In case you are wondering the Runner is responsible for collecting timing sheets from the Timers after each event and taking them to the scoring table. May also run cards from Timers and disqualification slips (DQs) from the Scribe to the scoring table at the end of each heat.

    The Back-Up Timer is there in case a Timer has issues with their watch, they will raise their hand and the Back-Up Timer will step in.

    We will leave the signup open past noon to make sure we get these last 2 positions filled. I know we can count on all of you to make this a successful meet and as always we are here if you have any questions.

    Thanks again!

    Evelyn and Jessica

    Volunteer Coordinators 

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