​6/22 Fox Ridge volunteer open positions

    Good evening parents,

    As of this Thursday evening, we are still in need of SIX 2nd shift positions. (shift 2 usually goes faster for some reason.)

    They are:

    • 1 timer
    • 1 runner
    • 2 back up timers
    • 1 heating
    • 1 scribe

    As we mentioned at the beginning of the season, we will be implementing a new system of signing parents up for the positions that still need to be filled. To be fair, this will be on a “who hasn’t volunteered as of yet” basis, if your swimmer is attending the meet, and we will inform you if you are the parent that will assist us getting through this meet.

    We obviously do not want to take matters into our own hands, however, we can’t have a successful meet without a full slate of volunteers.

    We appreciate everyone who has volunteered for positions so far!

    Thank you,

    Evelyn and Jessica

    Volunteer Coordinators. 

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