Information for this week & Saturday

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    Just a few notes for tonight, tomorrow (Friday) and some basic info for the meet on Saturday.

    DQ CLINC: Tonight, June 20, 8:00-9:00pm. This is for any swimmer who DQ’d in the previous swim meets (especially the last one) and would like to work on technique. We are planning to work on dives, flag count, and proper breaststroke.

    VOLUNTEERS: We just need a few more volunteers:

    Shift 2 – Heating

    Shift 2 – Runner

    Shift 2 – Scribe (this is a great position for a S&T judge)

    Shift 2 – Timer

    Shift 2 – Back-Up Timer (Need 2)

    If you have not signed up for a position yet, please use the Sign-Up Calendar to do so now.

    DONUT HELP TOMORROW: I will bring out napkins and food gloves tomorrow morning but my family is participating in the neighborhood garage sale so I will not be at the pool much tomorrow. If there are any parents around that would like to help hand out donuts, that would much appreciated! I typically let the swimmers pick out their own donuts. I put on a glove then hand them a napkin and their donut. Mostly I just try to keep them from dripping pool water all over the donuts and touching all of them. 😊 (And make sure there is enough for all 3 practices and the pre-team!)

    FOUND & LOOKING FOR: I have a size 28 girls team swimsuit in the Lost & Found. I’m sure someone will be looking for it on Saturday!

    If anyone found a DWD swim cap with the name ALEX on it, my daughter lost hers last week.

    We still have lots of towels and goggles too! And a blue, cardigan sweater. And shirts. So many things. Take a look! The tub is in the shed, on the shelf, all the way to the right. It’s labeled.


    Arrive by: You should aim to arrive by 6:50am in order find parking, unload and find a place to set up.

    Pool Address: 7070 East Mineral Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112

    Our Warm-Up Time: 7:20 – 7:50

    Meet Starts at: 8:00am

    Parking: They are a neighborhood pool very similar to us so parking will be similar as well. Please observe the no parking signs in the neighborhood. Please follow all neighborhood speed limits.

    Visitor Seating Area:  Head to the pool, turn right and go down the steps to the grass area. To the right (north) on the playground/lawn area is the visitor section. The playground will be roped off during the meet, so please remind families and swimmers to stay out of the playground area.

    Concessions:  Foxridge concessions will be available, cash or credit card, with plenty of pancakes, sausage, and burritos for breakfast, and hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. There will be lots of treats, too!

    Stroke & Turn Judges: They use the “Zello” app so Stroke and Turn judges and Scribes (?) need to bring a charged phone and wired headphones.

    I will send out full details tomorrow along with the Meet Program and Entry List.  Please let myself or Coach Emilie know if you have any questions.



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