Final Email (for now! hahaha!)

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    A few final announcements now that we’ve officially wrapped up the season.

    CONGRATS to all of our All-Stars that finished up the season strong at the All-Star meet! It was awesome to have so many of you representing the Dolphins!  I hope you had lots of fun!

    Music in the Park: The Uhl Duo will be performing the last event of the summer, tomorrow, Monday, 7/24 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm BUT they have changed the location. It will now be in the greenbelt closest to the Peoria/Amherst entrance.

    Pictures: The fabulous Laura has uploaded all of her photos from the season onto a google drive. (SO many great photos!  Thank you, Laura!!)  She intended to organize by kiddo but it was tough with multiple kids in most pictures so she put them in age groups instead. She did her best but I recommend looking through all the folders since some are mixed in in different folders. The fixed slideshow is also available.  

    The individual pictures with the frames (in the main folder) should be printed at the 5x7 size for correct scaling.


    Any problems or questions, please contact Laura at [email protected].

    Homemade Bug Spray: As promised for the moms who asked for my homemade recipe, it is:

    1:1 ratio of Water and Witch Hazel. (I do ½ cup to ½ cup)

    20 drops Citronella oil

    8 drops Geranium oil

    6 drops Eucalyptus oil

    10 drops Lemon Myrtle oil

    4 drops Palo Santa oil

    (Can substitute or add in lavender where needed.)

    Banquet Envelopes: If you were not able to make it to the banquet, I have an envelope for your swimmer(s) with a team photo, certificate and any ribbons they didn’t pick up yet. Feel free to contact me to arrange a day/time and I can leave it on my porch for you.

    Pre-Team: You have envelopes too and a gift from Coach Kayla! Contact me to pick them up.

    Banquet Lost & Found: I have a white & gray dish towel and a blue bowl with a silver serving spoon left over from the banquet. Contact me to pick them up.

    That’s it folks! I’m sure I’ll be sending out random emails here and there. Information for the 2024 season will start getting posted in March so you can start checking the website then.  And join our FB page to stay in touch throughout the year.

    Thank you for a wonderful season and we hope to see you next year! (Or at Water World on Tuesday!)



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