RESULTS from today & CHAMPIONSHIP Info

    Prelims are DONE! Great job to everyone that was there and THANK YOU to all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out today!

    SPAM/JUNK FOLDER: I had someone tell me that my emails suddenly went to their junk folder yesterday even though they’ve been reading them all (apparently, I’m sending too many?) so be sure to check there as well. (Hopefully you get this one!)

    RESULTS: I am attaching the Meet Results and Individual Results. Congratulations to everyone that made it into the Top 16 of their events!! If your swimmer is #17 or 18 they are an alternate and could be moved up if anyone drops out or doesn’t show up at Championships so please be on stand-by.

    So now to figure out what those results mean:

    The Top 16 swimmers in each event go on to the Championships. The top 8 swimmers will swim in the “Medal Round” while swimmers 9-16 will swim in the “Ribbon Round.”

    Example: If your swimmer was #10 at Prelims they are in the Ribbon Round. So even if they swim the fastest time of everyone in their event at Championships, the best they will do is a 9th place ribbon. (I know it’s weird.)

    CHAMPIONSHIPS: If you already know that your swimmer(s) will NOT be at Championships, please notify Coach Emilie and myself right away so that we can notify Hills West. The goal is to know beforehand if there will be open spots for the alternates to move into. All of the teams will be working to help get the most accurate meet program put together by Friday evening so there will be less surprises (scratches) on Saturday morning.

    I will be sending out more specific details about the meet once I have them but here is some basic info:

    Championships will be held at the Hills West pool: 10458 E Crestline Pl, Englewood, CO 80111.

    The team seating is outside of the pool area in a very large, grassy area. There is plenty of space but very little shade so be prepared to bring your tents, canopies and umbrellas.

    Each event will only have 1 or 2 heats of swimmers but it still takes awhile to get through all of them so right now I would say plan on it ending around 1:00pm. I will update once we see the Meet Program.

    CHAMPIONSHIP VOLUNTEERS: Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for something! If you are going to Championships, please check-out the volunteer positions needed on the Sign-Up Calendar and sign-up for a spot.

    BANQUET / POTLUCK: If you could all please RSVP, “Attending” or “Not Attending” for the Banquet that would be helpful. Everyone is welcome! Even if you don’t go to Championships, we hope you can come to the Team Banquet! We start with a potluck, then watch a slideshow and then present some awards. We hope everyone can make it!

    Also, if you are planning on going, we will need help setting up and cleaning up.  We always appreciate any help we can get!

    PHOTOS: Speaking of slideshows, if you have any good photos that you are willing to share, please upload them to this google link:


    Or mail them directly to Alisa Becerra at [email protected]

    The sooner, the better so that Alisa has time to put the slideshow together!  Please and Thank you!  :)

    This is it!  We're in the final stretch!   We'll see you at practice tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone!



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