Prelims 1 Info: 8 & Under, 13-18

    Alrighty, here we go! Since both Prelims will be at Castle Rock this year, the information below is going to be the same for both days.

    I am only attaching the Meet Program and Individual Entry List for DAY 1 (7/11/22).

    Based on the Meet Program it is showing an end time of 10:44am. I do not expect it to go any faster so plan for it to end around that time, give or take a little.

    Age Groups: 8 and Under and 13-18

    Arrive by: You should aim to arrive by 6:45am in order find parking, unload and find a place to set up.

    Warm up Schedule:

    6:50-7:10 lanes 1-4 Cruisers EAST   lanes 5-8 Cruisers WEST

    7:10-7:30 lanes 1-4 Castle Pines       lanes 5-8 Hills West

    7:30-7:50 lanes 1-4 Dam West         lanes 5-8 one way starts for any team

    Address:  3952 Butterfield Crossing Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80109

    Parking: One parking lots near the pool is open, as is the elementary parking lot. You can park on the entrance street to the pool on the entrance side, NOT ON THE EXIT SIDE. Obey all NO PARKING signs and you will be fine. If you park in neighborhoods, please be respectful of driveways.

    Team Seating: There are no designated team seating areas so it will be like last time – we will need to try to find an area to all sit together so please look for teammates. (Of course, it will be a smaller group this time.)  If we end up on the deck there is no shade so please bring your own.

    Concessions: I am waiting to hear if they will have any concessions available. I will email that out separately once I know.

    Shift Change: We prefer to have our shift change after back strokes, starting event 49.

    Volunteers:  WE STILL NEED PRELIM VOLUNTEERS! We MUST fill these positions! I don’t know how many volunteers we have going (they may all be signed up already since there aren't many) so we may start asking people to work the entire meet if necessary. (Thankfully it shouldn’t be too long and a LOT cooler than Saturday.)  

    1 Floater - Shift 2

    1 Heating Area – Shift 1

    1 Runner – Shift 2

    1 Scoring Table - Shift 2

    1 Scribe – Shift 1

    3 Timers – Shift 2

    If you have any questions you can contact Candace Ellman at [email protected].

    Card System: There will be NO relays at Prelims but everything else will run pretty much like a normal meet although Castle Rock will be using the Card System as they did in our last away meet.

    FAQs: If you’ve got general questions about Prelims or Championships, there is a section under the Parents Tab called "FAQs". Scroll down towards the bottom. If you’ve still got questions feel free to ask Coach Emilie, myself or a “seasoned” parent. 

    Let me know if you have any questions!  Keep an eye on your email for any updates. 

    See some of you tomorrow!



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