Championship Results & Banquet Info

    Congratulations, Dolphins! I hope you all enjoyed Championships! I am attaching the Meet Results and Individual Results. I hope you are all proud of yourselves because everyone did such a GREAT job!

    Clarke Farms             3455.5

    Castle Rock East       1996

    Castle Rock West      1907

    Hills West                   1520

    Dam West                  1370

    Castle Pines Village   1169.5

    BANQUET! We made it through a crazy season and now it’s time to celebrate! And in honor of our crazy season I’m going to change it up 1 last time.

    In the interest of eating while the food is still warm/cold let’s plan on eating at 11:00am. Then we’ll go inside the clubhouse for the slideshow and finally back outside for the awards.


    Please bring a dish to share:

    Last Names A-M = main dish

    Last Names N-Z = side dish


    As always I can use some help setting up and cleaning up. I have volunteer slots on the Sign-Up calendar. So if anyone would like to help me…

    10:00am – Set up time!

    • Put together video screen.
    • Set up chairs in the clubhouse
    • Set up tents, tables and chairs on the deck
    • Set up the presentation area outside – run cords, etc.
    • Make the lemonade and set up the tables with utensils, plates, napkins, cups, etc.

    1:30-2:00-ish? – Clean up time! (Whenever we end.)

    • Wipe down all the tables.
    • Put away all the tables, chairs and tents.
    • Clean up the food.
    • Empty and rinse out lemonade jug.
    • Put supplies put back in the swim room.
    • Take the screen taken down.
    • Clean bathrooms in clubhouse.
    • Vacuum carpet in clubhouse.
    • Mop floor in kitchen area of clubhouse.
    • Clean the counters in the clubhouse.

    CAN’T MAKE IT?   If you are unable to make it tomorrow please stop by the pool anytime between 10:00am – 8:00pm and ask a lifeguard to get your swimmer’s envelope and gift. I will have it all in their lifeguard shed.

    Hope to see tomorrow!  Have a great summer, everyone!


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