Banquet Details!


    SUNDAY, July 18 @ 11:00 am

    Please come celebrate the end of our 2021 swim season! We’re going to do things a little different this year partly because of COVID and partly because I don’t want to be crammed inside a hot clubhouse. So it'll look something like this...

    We will go inside the clubhouse at 11:00am and start with the slideshow. It usually runs about 15-20 minutes. Then we will head outside.

    We will have tables and tents set up around the pool deck. There will be tables for the food, lemonade and a cake. The food will be potluck style.

    Please bring a dish to share:

    Last Names A-M = main dish

    Last Names N-Z = side dish

    This year we plan on doing the awards ceremony outside. Once the coaches have eaten we will start the awards. (Probably around 12:00pm-ish?) The Coaches plan on standing in the grassy area near the back gate behind the baby pool. We will have the swimmers sit on the grassy hill for “stadium seating.” Parents can sit at the tables or pull up a chair wherever they can see. Hopefully our PA system will be loud enough for everyone to hear. And hopefully we’ll be able to work around our Dam West neighbors. The pool will be open to the neighborhood at 10am. We’ve never tried this before so we’re going to see how it goes.

    Each age group will go up as a group and receive their year-end packet with their certificates, the team photo, championship awards, etc. One “MVP” and one “Most Improved” award will be presented per age group. The Assistant Coaches will also present a “Fun Award” per group. (I think!) And that will wrap up our banquet!

    The pool WILL be open for swimming but please NO WET SWIMSUITS IN THE CLUBHOUSE! (This year that shouldn’t be such an issue.) If you’ve been swimming and are wet, please use the pool bathrooms. If you are not swimming you may use the clubhouse bathrooms.

    As always I can use some help setting up and cleaning up. I have volunteer slots on the Sign-Up calendar. So if anyone would like to help me…

    10:00am – Set up time!

    I need to get the video screen put together (I will probably get there around 9:00am to work on it), and we will need some chairs set-up in the clubhouse, then tables, chairs and tents on the deck and somehow set up the presentation area outside – run cords, etc. I need the lemonade made and someone to put out utensils, plates, etc. Unfortunately, the clubhouse is reserved Sunday night so ALL of it will need to be done Sunday morning. So if anyone wants to come earlier, I’ll welcome the help!

    1:30-2:00-ish? – Clean up time! (Whenever we end.)

    All the tables, chairs and tents will need to be put away. Food cleaned up. Tables wiped down. Lemonade emptied and rinsed out. Supplies put back in the swim room. Screen taken down. Bathrooms cleaned. Carpet in clubhouse vacuumed. Floor in kitchen area mopped. Counters cleaned. Wherever and however you can help will be greatly appreciated!

    If you are unable to make it on Sunday please stop by the pool between anytime between 10:00am – 8:00pm and ask a lifeguard to get your swimmer’s envelope and gift. I will have them put it in their lifeguard shed.

    Hope to see most of you there! If we don’t see you, have a great summer!


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