Championship Details

    MHSL Division C Championship Meet

    Saturday, July 17, 2021

    Hills West Pool

    10458 Crestline Place, Englewood, CO 80111

    Parking: Please park along Havana or in the neighborhood being careful not to block any entrances or driveways. Please do not park by the island at the entrance to the neighborhood as it will block access into and out of the neighborhood.

    Team Set-Ups Locations: Each Team will have an area on deck reserved for their coaches. Please bring a tent for your coaches area and additional chairs. Heating will be by team, please bring a tent/etc for your heating. We will have some benches as well, but you may want to bring some seating also. Heating will be set up for all teams in the park closet to the pool gates. There will be a designated area for each team in the Park behind the Pool for set-up. Please do not set up tents or chairs on the deck as we will have lots of officials, volunteers, and team/coach areas on the deck as well and want as much space for families and friends to cheer for the swimmers. Thank you in advance for your courtesy & consideration of others.

    Warm-Up Schedule:

    7:00- 7:15am: HILLS (Lanes1-2), CLRK (3-6), DAMW (7-8)

    7:10 - 7:30am: CPV (Lanes1-2), CRE (3-5), CRW (6-8)

    7:30 – 7:50am: One way starts – Hills (Lane 1), CPV (2), CLRK(3-4), CRE(5), CRE&CRW(6), CRW(7), DAMW(8)

    *One-way starts – coaches – this time has been extended to 20 minutes to allow for splitting swimmers into 2 sessions for warmups for less congestion behind the blocks.

    Fly-overs: We will be doing flyover starts to move the meet along as quickly as possible. Please remind your swimmers to stay in the water (still and quiet on the wall) until the next heat is set off.

    Officials App: Hills West uses Zello walkie talkie app instead of radios. The app records the voice clip from each person so no need to ask people to repeat (unless it wasn’t audible) because you can press replay to hear the message again. We would need you to download the app on your phone and have a set of ear buds or headphones. The app is free. Once downloaded, we’d like to invite you to join the channel Matt created “MHSL_HW_Waves. In order to use the app we will need 100% participation from All Officials, including scribes, from both teamsIf you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

    Volunteers: It looks like we are set with our volunteers so THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who signed up!! Timers & Officials, please check in for BOTH shifts no later than 7:30am. Your meetings will be held at approximately 7:35am near the start end of the pool. The shift change will occur after the backstroke events, before the breaststroke events, as usual (between Events 48 & 49). Please be ready to go and in place for your volunteer shifts, as this really helps keep the meet moving! Championships will likely run longer than our typically Saturday dual meets, so plan for your volunteer duties to run longer than usual.

    Concessions: Freshly brewed coffee, Santiago’s breakfast burritos, donuts, muffins, oatmeal & fruit will be available for purchase in the morning. We will also have hamburgers and hot dogs along with a wide assortment of snacks and drinks.

    Each team’s coaches will be provided with a bucket of refreshments in their coaches tent/area. Buckets of ice water are available at the corners of the pool to try to reduce plastic waste. Please stay hydrated and don’t forget a tent to keep your coaches shaded.

    T-Shirts: 75 extra Championship t-shirts in various sizes were ordered and will be available to purchase onsite. The shirts are $20 exact cash or check made out to MHSL. No change will be given. If you pre-ordered one, I will have them at practice tomorrow and Friday.

    Special Exhibition Swim: If you have been with the team awhile and swam against Hills West before than you may remember that they have a swimmer named Sophia, with special needs. She is 19 this year and would like to do a 50 Free exhibition swim as a farewell. (As a side note, it was her father who was their long-time announcer for their team that passed away last year.)

    The 50 Free Exhibition Heat with Sophia will be after the Girls 15-18 Free. If any coaches or other swimmers who are having their last summer swim want to join in, let me know and Hills West will get a heat put together. Everyone is encouraged to come cheer her on and clap her out as she does her final swim.

    Just to reiterate, this meet will run longer than a normal meet. I would say plan on being there until 1:00pm, give or take. We will be sitting in a wide-open grassy area with NO SHADE and we will be using the 2 team tents for the coaches (on the deck) and in the Heating area so please bring your own tents, umbrellas or whatever you have. And let’s all try to sit in the same area because there will be a LOT of people there and we want to be able to find all the swimmers!  

    Your swimmers are already signed up so I will be sending out the Meet Program on Friday once they send it out to all of us.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!


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