Meet Results!

    Congratulations! For all of you that attended, you survived the first swim meet of the season! (And maybe your first one ever!) The first one is always the toughest and most chaotic as we all try to remember what we’re supposed to be doing. Add in a whole year off in 2020, the COVID changes and for us, using a card system and, well, yeah it’s pretty crazy. But there IS a method to the madness and we’ll all find our groove.

    A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who stepped in to volunteer today! A special heartfelt thanks to all of you that took on double duty, changed roles on the fly, stepped in as Starter when theirs didn’t show up (thank you Todd Becerra!) or even showed up with no swimmers just to help us out (Jessica Johnson)! Our volunteer coordinators, Candace & Jane, worked very hard yesterday into the evening trying to get all of the necessary positions filled and we pulled it off and then some!

    So now that we’ve all experienced our first dual meet at Castle Rock, guess what? We get to do it all again next Saturday! So now you’ll all know what to bring (like more shade!) and where to go. And since we already know everything we need to know about next Saturday’s meet I have already opened the Meet Entry and Volunteer Sign-ups this evening.

    MEET RESULTS: The Meet Results and Individual Entry Results are attached. The final score was:

    Castle Rock East 219

    Dam West 109

    In case you’re wondering, they had 82 swimmers and we had 43 so they were pretty small too. (They usually cap the team at 250.) To see how your swimmer(s) did look at the Individuals Result Sheets. To figure out how to read them go to the “How To Read Individual Results” page under the “Meet Information” tab. My favorite part is that little * that means someone beat their own best time! (For new swimmers and new events, now you have a time to beat!) If you got an * you’ve earned a “dolphin dollar” worth 25 cents at our Home Meet concession stand! (I know, I know. We need to change the name but dolphin quarter doesn’t sound as cool.)

    For most of us, this was our first ever dual meet at a pool that uses cards and there was a LOT going on so if you notice any discrepancies, or something that doesn’t seem right, please let me know ASAP!

    AWARDS: Ribbons and Dolphin Dollars will be in the gray, file folder Awards Box. The box can be found during morning practice times. To keep wet little hands off of the files, I encourage the parents or coaches to help find the file and hand the swimmers their ribbons.

    VOLUNTEERS: I have already opened up the Volunteer list for the June 12th meet back at Castle Rock. When you are signing up please read the Job Description. Not every job is the same as it has been in the past and some we are changing as we go. If you have any questions you can contact Candace Ellman.

    Also, just a reminder that each family is expected to volunteer at each of the meets they attend. There are various ways to volunteer. If your family cannot provide a volunteer, please contact Candace Ellman at [email protected] and let her know.

    OK, that’s it! Now go enter your swimmer(s) “Attending” or “Not Attending” for Saturday’s meet! Sign-ups close Wed, 6/9/21 at 12:00pm. 

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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