Meet Program

    OK, well, I got 1/2 of it.  I am attaching the Meet Program.  Unfortunately I was not sent the Individual Entry List and the person who sends it is not at home and probably won't be home for quite awhile. 

    SO, print out the Meet Program and have that with you.  Hopefully I will have an Individual Entry List by tomorrow morning and we can get everyone figured out during Sign-In.  Please come a little early as this will slow things down a bit.

    If you're feeling ambitious (or curious) you can try to find your swimmer(s) on the Meet Program.  I am attaching the Order of Finish to help you figure out which Event # they might be in.  Start with the Age Group then look at either Boy or Girl to find the Event #.  Then look for the Event # on your Meet Program and look for their name.

    If this is too much, don't worry! We'll figure it out in the morning.  If I receive the List before I go to bed I will send it out so check your email in the morning!

    Rest up!  See you bright & early!



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